Give The Caring and Heartfelt Gift Of Optimum Oral Health by giving the loved one the SoFresh 6 Pack Gift Set!
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This gift set includes 6 SoFresh Flossing Toothbrushes in an attractive gift box that is perfect to give on special occasions such as Housewarmings & sending a student off to college. It is also wonderful to have to stock up on your SoFresh Flossing Toothbrushes so that you will never run out! Buy Yours Now.

The SoFresh Flossing Toothbrush was created to provide you with the most effective and safest brushing and flossing experience possible. The SoFresh Flossing Toothbrush's patented double-tiered, dual-action bristles is the heart and soul of the Flossing Toothbrush.
Stop Bad Breath! Buy Now

Although the SoFresh Flossing Toothbrush does not replace flossing, it greatly enhances your normal daily flossing effort. It is a known fact that many people do not floss and so the increase in periodontal disease is observed. Flossing removes not only food particles but also plaque under the gums, which is the invisible film of bacteria that constantly forms on teeth. You must get under the gum line to loosen the debris, plaque, and bacteria. This area is called the sulcus. This is where the Flossing Toothbrush will help. 

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